I built and ran this website between 2000 and 2001, combining passion for popular music and programming. It was listed by MTV's now defunct MusicNewswire as one of the then nascent web's top twenty sources, alongside Billboard and VH1. The most exciting part of it — for a 13/14-year-old excited by new music — was receiving scores of pre-release CDs from record companies. The entire project was written entirely from scratch (frameworks and libraries were not the norm back then!) in PHP linking to a MySQL database, with HTML as well as a little CSS and JavaScript for the frontend; the code is available here.

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28 October 2001 | 17:13:00 GMT

In common with many other people, BO DIDDLEY and his family have been deeply upset by the terrorist attacks in New York, Washington DC and Pennsylvania on Tuesday September 11th 2001, and the subsequent crisis that has ensued both in America and around the world in the weeks since the attacks took place. In light of these tragedies, BO DIDDLEY has asked that his fans, radio deejays and other people working in the media should play and listen closely once more to the lyrics to a song that he recorded in 1989 titled "Wake Up America", a track that can be be found on his "Breakin' Through The BS" CD released on Triple X Records 5
17-2. In the past 20 years or so, BO DIDDLEY has recorded and released a number of songs that reflect not only his love of the American nation and and its people but also his great concerns for the country's future stability and well-being. The songs "Ain't It Good To Be Free" and "Gotta Be A Change" are both good examples of his impassioned vocal concerns for his nation and its people. Both of these tracks are currently available on the CD "The Mighty Bo Diddley" released on Triple X Records 51161-2. We hope that during this time of national crisis that BO DIDDLEY's fans, together with the nation's deejays and other people working in the media across America, will perhaps take the time to listen and to reacquaint themselves once again with the inspirational messages contained in some of these important, but perhaps lesser-played, songs that have been written and recorded by BO DIDDLEY. David Blakey, Webmaster, BO DIDDLEY-The Originator http://members.tripod.com/~Originator_2/index.html A Celebration of his unique contribution to Popular Music.

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