I built and ran this website between 2000 and 2001, combining passion for popular music and programming. It was listed by MTV's now defunct MusicNewswire as one of the then nascent web's top twenty sources, alongside Billboard and VH1. The most exciting part of it — for a 13/14-year-old excited by new music — was receiving scores of pre-release CDs from record companies. The entire project was written entirely from scratch (frameworks and libraries were not the norm back then!) in PHP linking to a MySQL database, with HTML as well as a little CSS and JavaScript for the frontend; the code is available here.

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7 September 2001 | 19:59:33 GMT

[SIGNATURE]Ah! Here I am logged in again. Now then, what trouble can I cause while I`m here ;-) ...and where are the smiley faces for me to use? I`m lost without my smiley faces! Right - Led Zeppelin first stop.

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