I built and ran this website between 2000 and 2001, combining passion for popular music and programming. It was listed by MTV's now defunct MusicNewswire as one of the then nascent web's top twenty sources, alongside Billboard and VH1. The most exciting part of it — for a 13/14-year-old excited by new music — was receiving scores of pre-release CDs from record companies. The entire project was written entirely from scratch (frameworks and libraries were not the norm back then!) in PHP linking to a MySQL database, with HTML as well as a little CSS and JavaScript for the frontend; the code is available here.

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Posted by:
The Despondent

8 August 2001 | 9:59:00 GMT

[SIGNATURE]Flooded with big-haired, overproduced and uninspiring imports, it's easy to dismiss American music as formulaic and commercial dross, whatever the genre (NuMetal, Alternative, Rap, Rock). But the best stuff is often left unpromoted. What are your favourite acts that never really broke it over here? My two-penneths: Matthew Sweet: nobody has written finer songs, sung more delicious melodies and been more overlooked than Sweet. His work recounts life's travails with catchy, bite-sized chunks of part-jangle, part-retro, perfecto-pop. (Recommended album: Girlfriend) Cracker: Why are Cracker so brilliant? They hate their generation. It's the embodiment of slacker music. Perfect for toting on a Havana Selects (
cuban pesos from any respectable Obispo corner store) and swigging down a Leiney's Gold or sipping away at the finest Tenessee whiskey. Have it playing at medium volume in the background while you're playing poker, and see what I mean. Their music is a celebration of losers. Even when Lowery sees the light at the end of the tunnel, he thinks it might be a train. Cracker music rejects both the over-hyped mediocrity of the mainstream and the self-righteous posturing of the fashion-niche rockers & poppers. (Recommended albums: Kerosene Hat, Cracker Brand, The Golden Age).

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