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Radiohead - Amnesiac
2 June 2001 | 0:00:00 GMT/UTC

'Amnesiac'Amnesiac is the fifth studio album from Radiohead. It was recorded in the same sessions as Kid A.

The opening track is Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box, sounding like Optimistic from the last album. A catchy beat with Thom's vocals distorted throughout the track. Not as catchy as Idioteque though.

Following is the first single to be taken from the album, Pyramid Song. A slow, piano-led song, the lyrics that stand out are, "There was nothing to fear and nothing to doubt." Drums come in with strings and it all becomes very powerful, especially in the second and third choruses.

Pulk/Pull Revolving Doors features a heavily distorted bass. Thom's vocals are cut up, a piano or keyboard is heard if you listen carefully through the beat. Number four, You And Whose Army? - this is better, a slow track. "Come on," is the main lyric in the track. It seems the producer started working two minutes after the band started recording this, drums, strings and an organ drive this track. Unfortunately it's all over in three minutes.

The next track, I Might Be Wrong has a blues/country-western feel, there are two parts to this track, separated by two seconds of silence. This is one of the highlights of the album.

Knives Out has a bit more in it, a lot more 'production'. Amnesiac/Morning Bell is another highlight of the album, you will recognise the title (Morning Bell) and the lyric, "Release me," from their last album.

Dollars & Cents and Hunting Bears follow. Like Spinning Plates is a strange track, the beat is made up of scratching (turntables). Thom's vocals are very difficult to understand, it is as if they are being sung in reverse.

The final track, Life In A Glasshouse, features trumpet player Humphrey Lyttleton. A slow jazzy track, well produced.

This isn't as good as Kid A but you have to listen to it more than once to 'get it'. Not everybody will like this, even after a few listens.


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