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John Lydon Compares Eminem To Sid Vicious
13 May 2001 | 0:00:00 GMT/UTC

John Lydon, the former Sex Pistols vocalist, also known as Johnny Rotten has compared Eminem to Sid Vicious.

He says that there are similarities between the two although Eminem has more kudos.

Speaking to Belgian magazine Mao he said, "Yeah, there are similarities, but I give him more kudos than Sid, I think he's a little bit more clued in. Some of his poetry is quite great - it's really clever, shifty stuff and he can run with it at the speed of lightning."

"There's not many rappers out there that can be that fast. It's not all of us that should be toxic, there is a need for entertainment and he's highly entertaining."

"There's no real threat in anyone who openly expresses exactly what they believe, that's to the benefit of mankind, not to be feared. At worst all they can be is wrong, and if it's open to debate then you can prove that's wrong and therefore it's of no threat. But if it's right then what are you scared of? Change?"

He also said in the interview that he plans to tour again, not with the Sex Pistols, but doing his own version of dance music. He said, "It's always going to be a blues, dance, reggae-style vibe anyway."

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John Lydon Compares Eminem To Sid Vicious

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