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S Club 7 To Promote Pepsi
8 April 2001 | 0:00:00 GMT/UTC

S Club 7 have been signed up to promote Pepsi. Pictures of the seven members of the band will appear on cans and bottles in about six weeks' time. The value of the contract has not been diclosed.

Regarding last month's incident with the male members of the band found smoking cannabis Pepsi has said, "Pepsi have been assured by the band that this was an isolated, one-off incident, Pepsi has chosen S Club 7 as the new faces of Pepsi as they are huge fans of their musical and performing abilities."

The band will not appear in television commercials but will be heavily involved with in-store promotions. They will not replace Britney Spears as the official face of Pepsi.

The band have said, "It's going to be weird to open the fridge and see ourselves staring back at us."

S Club 7 To Promote Pepsi

S Club 7 Guys Found Smoking Dope

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